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Our Goal:

Always at least 50% less than all Automobile Dealers

End of Confusion

Thousands of policies and administrators, too many confusing choices. We use our proprietary technology to sort through the mass of confusing and conflicting information. Length of contract, type of vehicle, mileage of vehicle, parts covered, vehicle history, and your budget are just the start. From all of this information we produce better choices, better options, all adding up to better value for you our customer.

Instant Coverage

Backed by our own team of CARCHEX inspectors, we can arrange for coverage with no exclusions almost instantly. Our CARCHEX inspectors come to your location, at your convenience, to review the vehicle. This CARCHEX inspection is your key to instant coverage.

Great Pricing

Most people buy their warranties from an Automobile Dealer. At the dealer there is no choice, no negotiating and lots of pressure. We always deliver better, more comprehensive coverage at prices at least 50% less, everyday!

100% Money-back Guarantee to Consumer*

That's right - if no claims are made during the term of the policy we return 100% of your premium.

*Money back Guarantee program not available in Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Pick Your Own Repair Facility

More than 30,000 available. Auto dealers, Goodyear, NTB or you local mechanic � You choose, close and convenient.

Our Experts

Our claim specialists will help you through the repair process. Their expertise and mass buying power insures you, our customers get the right repair at the right price. You never have to negotiate with the shop again!

We Accept:
The rates and coverage listed on this site are informational only and are subject to change. For a complete description of our coverages please refer to our Extended Service Contract. We use the terms 'Warranty' and 'Extended Warranty' interchangeably with 'Vehicle Service Contract' and 'Extended Service Contract' for marketing purposes only. Some of our plans require that vehicles must have 30 days and 1000 miles left under the original manufacturer comprehensive warranty to qualify for coverage. Additionally, some of our plans exclude claims for a period of 30-90 days and 1000 miles from the beginning of coverage. State taxes may apply to your purchase price. Rates and coverage availability may vary by state.

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August 1st, 2007