Hennessey Velociraptor V8 White Sunset

Watch This Hennessey V8 Raptor Drag Race a Stock Ford Raptor

Video Description

The “Velociraptor” in this video features a 5.0-liter V8 Ford engine, a 2.9-liter supercharger system (seven psi boost), and upgrades to the fuel injector and air induction systems. Watch what happens when this Hennessey Raptor takes on a stock Raptor with the 3.5 EcoBoost.

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Since this video from Hennessey was shot, Ford has revealed the 2022 F-150 Raptor R with a supercharged V8. As expected, the Raptor R is a more powerful version of the standard Raptor with the high-output EcoBoost V6. On our YouTube channel, we compare and contrast the spec sheet of each engine – the supercharged V8 and the EcoBoost V6 – including its construction, air intake system, and torque output. You can watch that video here.